Press meet on Tellipalai mission house disputes
Rumors circulated in the media on April 10 about the ownership of Mission House between Union College management and CACM. A press conference was organized to clarify the matter to the community. Its video can be found here.
Easter Bajan 2021 in Jaffna
An Easter Bajan will be organized by our Jaffna Region congregations together on 11th of April 2021 at Good Shepherd Church - CACM, Uduvil at 3:30 pm. All are welcome to worship together by singing and praising to God Almighty who being suffered, crucified and...


Whereas a vast majority of the members of the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India have decided to secede from the CSI and revert back to the Congregational tradition, as distinct from the Episcopal tradition, to form the Church under the name of the Church of the American Ceylon Mission, with effect from 25th July 2007.


To make Christ known by proclaiming His name, by presenting His teachings, by Christ like living and by sharing of Christian experiences, so that individuals and groups will have full opportunity to accept The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to unite such individuals in the communion of the Christ in which Christian worship, teaching and living shall prevail; to engage in appropriate and necessary forms of Christian service-pastoral, evangelistic, educational, industrial, medical, economic and social.

To inform the Wider Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ and their constituency about the work of the CACM; and to exchange resources of persons, money and other forms of values with the Wider Church Ministries, other Mission Partners and Agencies of the Ecumenical World.

Messages from the Officers of the CACM

Communication is very essential for human life. In this new age it has seen a new dimension. To keep up with the pace of the world, we are forced to use this modern form of communication, Internet communication. In that sense, as a Chairperson, I am very happy to form a website for our church. Congratulations.


Chairperson, CACM

The development of communication is having a great influence in this modern age. There is a need for our church to travel in that stream as well. I am happy to launch this website as a feature of it. I firmly believe that this will help our church to establish contacts worldwide in future. I invite to work together in the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Vice-Chairperson, CACM

We are very pleased to publish this website. We firmly believe that this will enable us to view the daily work of our church and information about the church on a single site worldwide. We look forward to their constructive suggestions as this website grows even more special and will benefit many. Thanks be to God.

Rev.J.Antony Suthakar

General Secretary, CACM

First of all I am happy that this website is coming out. The faster the modern world grows in communication, the less likely it is to see economic growth and self-sufficiency. This situation did not leave the churches either. So let us share the work of Christ with one another and join hands to work for those in need.

Mr.Priveen Joseph

Hon. Treasurer, CACM