Rev.T.Thevanesan Chairperson – CACM

It is my great pleasure to invite our members and friends to remember our missionaries and the clergies who laboured and served in the community. Every year we set apart the first Sunday of June to remember our Retired Pastors, Missionaries and their families who committed their entire life for the region of God.  I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere Thanks and gratitude to each and every servant of God of our Church who served and brought the light to the world.  I am so grateful for their commitment, dedication to the divine call. They spent all of their fruitful life to the deserving and underprivileged community in order to uplift them in their life.

In the past, we gave a special cover to the entire congregations of our church to remember them in their worship service along with their gifts and donation.  While we appreciate their dedicated service we also offer a special prayer for the Retired clergies at the worship service.  This year we could not do due to the prevailing COVID 19 situation.

So please do remember them in your family prayers on Sunday the June 6th 2021.


Gracious and loving Father, We thank thee for the wonderful day. We thank you for bestowing the necessary graces upon our retired Pastors for carrying out the work to which you called them. Through trials and temptations your eternal presence strengthened and comforted them. In the dry seasons you provided them with living waters to restore their soul. Your unseen hand supported them with the courage needed for the struggles to make real the love of Jesus Christ by word and deed. In the face of disappointments you surprised them again and again with unexpected joy.

Our times are in your hands, O God. Bless each and every one of our retired pastor now in this new season of their life and this new chapter in their calling, that their remaining years may be full and fruitful, and assure them of their place, by your grace, among the great cloud of witnesses, living and dead, who have witnessed to your truth and lived out your love. And when they serve in these blessed days nourish them and grant them with the gift of love and the assurance of everlasting life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Chairperson CACM.

From the Coordinator, Clergy Pension Fund – CACM

Mrs.Vasanthy Rajaratnam Coordinator, Clergy Pension Fund – CACM

The Church of the American Ceylon Mission celebrates the 1st Sunday in June as the Clergy Pension Sunday. We remember the services rendered by the retired Clergy and members of their families in the past and give thanks to God for their tireless service amidst so much of difficulties. Some of them serve in Churches as Presbyters and others help out the Presbyter in the Churches where they worship, even after retirement.

We thank God for their leadership in guiding the Church through difficult times and ministering to the needy and desperate people without thinking of their safety. Some have served in difficult areas where there has been fighting and displacement. Very often when they open the door in the morning, there will be people waiting to meet them with requests, until they close the doors at night. Their wives too joined them in the service to the needy. They managed to serve with the meagre funds that were available to be used to help the poor. In some areas, they had to travel many Kilometers by Motorcycle to meet and minister to the members of our Church and the people of the village.

We remember with gratitude the services rendered by Rev. Dr. S. Jeyanesan who has immigrated to Canada recently. Along with him, Rev. A. Jeyakumaran served as Chairperson of our Church at the difficult times. Rev. V. Rajkumar and Rev. J. Gnanapragasam served as regional ministers and empowered and strengthened the regions they served. Rev. P.J.  Suriyakumar and Rev.P. Thevarajah served in areas where their contribution was greatly appreciated. At present Rev.Navendranugoolan and Rev.Gnanapragasam serve as Presbyters of two Churches in the North and others are helping the Presbyters in various ways in the Churches where they worship.

 The members of the Church appreciate their contribution and thank God for their service, guidance and their faith in our loving God who called them to such positions.

I wish to appreciate the services rendered by their wives in sharing their work and responsibilities. Without the support of their wives, they could not have served in difficult areas. We thank God for Godly wives who not only worked along with them but also supported them in upholding them in their prayers. May God bless them as they serve.  We very specially request you to uphold Mrs. Daisy Jeyachandran, Mrs. Dilo Punitharajah and Mrs. Ajitha Surendran, in your prayers as they continue to serve the Churches where they worship. Their husbands who served as Presbyters of our Church are with the Lord now. May God bless them and surround them with His protection, provision and guidance as they take care of their children.

We seek your prayers and your contributions so that we could make better provisions for them, as conditions change in our country. The Bank details are given below, if you are urged by the Lord to contribute towards the Clergy Pension fund.

Name of the account  : CACM Clergy Pension Fund,
Bank Name                        :  Hatton National Bank, Manipay Branch.
Account No.                       :  1500 10000 203
Bank code : 7083; Branch code : 150
Swift code : HBLILKLX

Appreciate if you can drop an email to the Treasurer – CACM with details of your contribution to acknowledge receipt.

May God bless you.

Vasanthi Rajaratnam.
Coordinator, Clergy Pension Fund.CACM.

(if you have any clarification please contact the Coordinator, Clergy Pension fund: or the Treasurer, CACM: