Greetings to you in the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. I am pleased to inform you that an opportunity to pursue a Part-time Study Program of ‘The Serampore University’ for the academic year 2021-2022, towards- Diploma in Christian Studies (Dip.CS),...

Bishop of Colombo visits CACM

The Rt. Rev.Dushantha Rodrigo, Bishop of Colombo, Church of Ceylon, visited to the Church of the American Ceylon Mission headquarters and the  Christian Theological Seminary of Chunnakam today the 11th of August 2021. Rt. Rev.Dushantha Rodrigo Bishop of Colombo Church...


MR. PAUL SUGIRTHAN BA (Madras) [29. 01. 1990 – 30. 07. 2021] We are saddened to report the Sudden death of our beloved Paul Sugirthan Sooriyakumar (31 yrs.) On Sunday the 25th of July, he met with an accident and immediately rushed to the teaching hospital Jaffna....

சமயக் கல்விக் குழுவின் கற்றல் செயற்பாடு – 2021 யூலை 1 முதல் 14 வரை

Religious Education Board தரம் 1 தொடக்கம் 5 வரை பாடம் : 1 பாடத்தலைப்பு : அழகிய உலகைப் படைத்த இறைவன் திருவிவிலியப் பகுதி : தொடக்க நூல் (ஆதியாகமம்) 1ம்,2ம் அதிகாரங்கள் பிள்ளைகள், குறித்த திருவிவிலியப் பகுதிகளை வாசித்து விளங்கிக்கொண்டு பின்வரும் வினாக்களிற்கு...

Handmade greeting cards given to their fathers by Sunday school children

The religious education board of CACM has launched a program for the Sunday school kids of our congregations making greetings cards to their fathers to mark the international Father’s Day, June 20, 2021. This is the first program conducted after religious education...

Press meet on Tellipalai mission house disputes

Rumors circulated in the media on April 10 about the ownership of Mission House between Union College management and CACM. A press conference was organized to clarify the matter to the community. Its video can be found here.

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Jaffna Region


  1. Alaveddy 
  2. Araly 
  3. Erlalai South
  4. Erlalai North
  5. City Mission
  6. Karainagar
  7. Sathiyapuram
  8. Tellippalai
  9. Nunavil
  10. Chavakacheri
  11. Pandatharippu
  12. Naval
  13. Kudathanai
  14. Manipay
  15. Vadddukoddai
  16. Uduvil

Jaffna Region

The American Ceylon Mission Church is divided into four regions and is doing its work. One of them is the Jaffna region. It borders Sri Lanka’s Elephantpass andIt covers 16 churches and 16 priests. It has its own administrative structure as a separate unit under the Central General Assembly. covers the entire north of it.

The works are called children, youth and women and committees are formed for the same. For spiritual purposes; A work group called “Spiritual working Committtee” has also been formed. In addition, our Regional Diaconal Ministry is functioning under the Central Diaconal Ministry Committee for social work and is carrying out social work irrespective of ethnic or religious affiliation. Evening classes and preschools for children will be conducted with 31 teachers and 260 children. In addition, work is in progress for livelihood development.

Regional Chairperson’s Address on Regional Council -2021

Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other. [Psalm 85:10]

Rev.M.Jeyanantharasa Regional Chairperson Jaffna Region

There is no suffering for him who holds on to the feet of the Lord, who has no desire or hatred. Thiruvalluvar said. Sovereignty will remove the fear, misery, and suffering of mankind and show us the eternal path of light. Even though he has not completed another year of my election as Regional Chairperson of jaffna region; I think it is great to give my address of the Regional Council. I am presenting my keynote address at the feet of the Lord, who will remove the curses, fears and sufferings of our Church and revive it.[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Today, as our Key Verse , righteousness and peace kiss each other.”

So that our peace (peace and abundant life) can be righteous. This is what Paul says in Romans 14:17 that sovereignty is based on the righteousness, peace and happiness of the Pure Spirit. In his book, Jacob reveals that the fruit of righteousness comes from the seed of peace.  Similarly, justice and peace are important under the Messiah’s rule that in Isaiah 9:7-8, he is the king of peace and will rule with righteousness. This is what Psalm 85:10 and Isaiah 32:17 categorically state that justice and peace are interlinked. There can be no peace in a place without justice.

There is no real peace in our families, institutions, country, and even church as long as there is oppression, powermongering, casteism, slavery, exploitation, deception, and profiteering.There is no real peace in our families, institutions, country, and even church as long as there is oppression, powermongering, casteism, slavery, exploitation, deception, and profiteering.The reason is not justice. Where human beings are respected as human beings and given equality, brotherhood, equal distribution, and wages for labour, there is a possibility of righteous peace. The peace of oppression today is a “dead peace” and this peace must be broken. This peace must be dissolved.

This is why Jesus said, “I came to send not peace, but the sword, but division.” (Matthew 10:34, Luke 12:51) Where is the unjust, unjust silence of pseudo-repression? There Jesus sends division. The aim is not division but to create a total righteous real peace.

Revolutions, explosions and struggles will occur in a place of lies, hypocrisy, exploitation and unjust alliances. This is expressed by our history and the present. In these cases, those who fight for justice and peace are portrayed as enemies and antisocial elements, blunting their struggle and staging the act of destroying them. But the Lord acts with them as a liberator.

Those who want to save their lives will lose it. Those who lose their lives for me will guard it. (Matt 10:39)

Peace is not an idea it is an activity it is not just devotion but liberation power.

The Lord is the shelter of peace. Peace is god’s gift to us. What can we do to find peace that God gives us in a life of wandering in search of peace?. Let us give importance to prayer life, and be still, and know that He is God (Ps 46:10)

During our regional work, we will overcome our misunderstandings and bitterfeelings in our relationship with our fellow human beings and we will have peace of mind in a life of forgiveness. If hatred and bitterness are in the heart, there will be no peace of mind and happiness. In the future, I invite everyone to forget the ups and downs of our work and to trust one another and work together.

If you understand oneself, understand the God within him, and have the maturity to love his creation
What is the place for exploitation? What is the place for selfishness?
What is the place for fighting? What is the place for hoarding?
Activities such as love, sharing, social concern, equality, and far-reaching vision rule mankind. Sovereignty and justice will create peace.

I have a feeling that this period is a long time, even though it is a snoring. I personally consider this leadership responsibility to be very difficult. It is not easy to do everything – family responsibility, the work of the Church in Uduvil and regional work. But, as Paul says, he thinks this is my duty. However, if someone else takes responsibility for it, I am ready to withdraw from it.
“The burdens are easier if you carry it together.”

Yours in Christ
Rev. M.Jayanandarajah
Regional Chairperson-Jaffna Jaffna Region.