Since the time of the Covid 19 pandemic, particularly March, 2020, many people started to realize that the involvement on crop or livestock production is one of the unavoidable responses in order to overcome food shortage and starvation in their community level. For the sake of the long term curfew and lockdown, many families were suffering to get enough food for their families; at the same time some families had enough food by as their own crops. In this context, some farmers felt that they are called to help their neighbors to encourage on home farming. Thus, some individual members and pastors of the CACM initiated and shared seeds, plants and compost with others to start home farm in their domestic side. This initiation becomes very affective ministry around us.

Pastoral ministry should be very practical and participatory with the struggle of the people in their daily lives. Therefore, this ministry is committed to encourage families on food production by eco-friendly, non chemicalized, and low expensive food.   Today, the modern crop and livestock production is highly automated, fossil-fuel driven and chemical intensive, which is being produced chemicalized foods, pollutes the groundwater, and disturbs the entire environment, also the modern lifestyles and  consuming culture, cause to terminal diseases, economic burden, and live disorder. In this situation, we understood the Calling of God; committed to practice Christian response to produce non poisoned food, mutual partnership on food, herbal, and livestock production, sharing God’s love in kind.

In the Eastern province, in Batticaloa, Trincomalee and, Ampara Districts, the 95% of people are living in their house or huts with a piece of land. Therefore, at least a small piece of land is available.  Thus, it is possible to involve on home garden, small scaled chicken, rabbit, and quails, and dairy farms at their own space. Particularly, in village areas, most of the families have enough land for cultivation but the problem is lack of well-organized water supplies and proper motivation; Therefore, the CACM is purposely engaging in this task. Agriculture and Cattle are possible in villages in Sri Lanka.


Thirty five families of the beneficiaries have been selected through parish leaders, and pastors from six congregational areas. In this way, 35 families will be encouraged on agriculture, poultry, or cattle farming, then who did well their task on time and appropriately, they will be promote them to the next level on their farming activities. Particularly, those who fully engaged they will be selected for the second installment.

No Districts Village Families Person in charge
01 Trnicomalee Uppuvelli 03 Rev Vijeyathasan
02 Batticaloa Ralodai 11 Rev Gangapirasad
03 Batticaloa Thumpalancholai 03 Sis Byura
04 Batticaloa Kithul 02 Rev Solomons
05 Batticaloa Uranee 12 Rev Rohaan
06 Ampara Periyaneelavai 05 Rev Jekumar

Completed Report

On 10th of April 2021, we have distributed livestock for nine families in Manmunai North Division through the St John’s Parish, Uranee, Batticaloa. Rev Rajan Rohaan (Parish Priest) and Mr T Pirabagar led the distribution.

On 19th of April, Rev E. P Solomons (Regional Minister), Rev Jekumar ( Parish Priest), and Mr V. Sinnathurai ( Regional Treausrer) jointly distributed chicken in Periyaneelavanai for five families .

On 1st of May, Rev E. P. Solomons, and Rev Gangaprasath jointly distributed Chicken and goat for 11 families in Ralodai, Vakarai Division.


I would like to thank you for your timely support through the Livelihood ministry in Eastern Region Batticaloa, specialty, I warmly thank to the Ardonagh group, because of your generosity and kindness; we are able to receive the gift and started the Farm ministry to in this pandemic outbreak. Thank you very much officers of the CACM and its financial management team for the concern and fruitful coordination.

Rev Rajan Rohaan